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Remote Management

In our Remote Management model at Atomic Storage Group, we introduce a cutting-edge solution for self-storage facilities that prioritizes efficiency and innovation. Embracing a fully remote setup, this approach is designed for those seeking a streamlined operational structure without the necessity of on-site staffing.

Key Features of Remote management


Virtual oversight

Our dedicated manager is physically present on-site, providing a tangible point of contact for both customers and staff.


Centralized Control

The facility is managed centrally through our state-of-the-art call center, ensuring consistency in operations, customer service, and overall facility management.


Dedicated 1099 Employee

To bridge the gap between the virtual and physical aspects, a designated 1099 employee is assigned. Reporting directly to their district manager, this individual takes care of on-site responsibilities.


District Manager Liaison

The 1099 employee acts as a direct liaison between the facility and the district manager, ensuring that any on-site matters are promptly communicated and addressed.


Consistent Customer Service

The call center, operating as the virtual hub, ensures that customer service remains consistent and responsive, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


Adaptable to various locations

Ideal for facilities in diverse locations, the Remote Management model allows for centralized control, making it adaptable to different geographical and operational scenarios.

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