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The Atomic Way

Self Storage 3rd Party Management

We think different

Atomic Storage Group was born out of the need for solid self storage management by people who care. We give our customers personal service and run each property the way it needs to be managed. We believe each property and each owner is unique. We believe in giving great service, treating people how they want to be treated, and doing the right things every day. We believe the small things make the big differences and that showing up with a blue collar work ethic is the best way to get results. 

We work best with people we like. In our experience, the people with whom we share the same values with make the best relationships and get the best results. Those are

"Our People" 

Our people care about their property, the relationship, and the community.  They want to have a solid investment, but also have an outstanding reputation in the community. 
Winding Road



As your third-party self storage management company, we handle all of your marketing needs.  We take a hyper-local approach to marketing in a way that larger operators are unable to.  We take time to make sure every aspect of your marketing represents your community, from the professional phone greeting to the verbiage on the website.  Our hyper-local strategy begins with a review of your local demographics. We use marketing profiles and use the words and terms that your customer base is familiar with.  Whether they value safety and security or getting a great deal, we use their profile to build your brand. We believe in a quality marketing strategy that is based on specific marketplace research, taking into consideration the optimal target customer and area. 

  •  Phone greeting 

  • Local listings

  • Customer takeaways

  • Website

  • PPC

  • GoogleMyBusiness

  • Social media

  • Local Marketing  

Revenue Management


We believe our results speak for themselves. All of our systems, processes, and actions are designed to make your investments the best that it can be. That includes strong revenue management based on demand and data that has proven to return consistent, predictable results. We manage all street rates and tenant increase at a micro level to keep the revenue of your property improving. 


  • Revenue Management 

  • Leading Indicators

  • Progress Reports

  • Projections

  • Expense Management

  • Investment Options

Rentals and revenue are lagging indicators of our results. We take time and care to identify the right leading indicators so we can focus our efforts in the right place and control the outcomes that you care most about. 



We aren't perfect.  Because we've made all the mistakes, we have great policies and procedures to avoid making them again. We have spent years learning the storage business, most of the time, with our blood, sweat, and tears. Our common experience gives us an in-the-trenches view of the industry that helped create the best-in-class way of running this business. All Atomic founders have held every seat in the industry. Our experience helped us craft the best policies that work for our team behind the desk and our owners whom we are accountable to. 

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Hiring & Training

  • Financial Management 

  • Maintenance & Repairs

  • Collections

  • Auction & Lien Sales

  • Vendor Review

  • Regular Store Visits

Our experience helped us craft the best policies that work for our team behind the desk and our owners whom we are accountable to.