Is self-storage a good investment?

At the Atomic Storage Group focus on projects that work for all involved. We would rather have one amazing site over two mediocre sites. So we vet every single property with an eye to every detail. Our goal is to find partners and sites where we can deliver our core values and create something far better than if we were to do it alone. 

Do you have a property you are looking to sell? Let us know!

Do you have an opportunity you have found and are looking for the next steps? Let's talk.


We have investors who are ready to fund acquisition deals across the United States. We know what's a good deal and what isn't. 

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New Builds

Building self storage is a great chance to have a nice new building.  Contact us so we can work together to navigate this road.

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We have done multiple conversion projects. This is a great opportunity to get into a difficult market area. 

Mixed Use

As cities become more restrictive on storage, mix-use offers a great way to satisfy everyone involved. 


The increasing popularity in self-storage makes investing a potentially attractive option, especially for new investors.

But is self-storage actually the right investment for you?


 If you feel that you are ready to dive into self-storage investing, let's talk more. Discussing your investment strategy, risk appetite, and whether you're looking for stable cash flows or potential high returns helps us help you. Whether you have capital, land, or there's a site you have been vetting, it's critical to ensure your investment is at its highest potential. We know the aspects of the market and the pitfalls to avoid during the lifetime of this investment.

Gone are the days of the classic mom-and-pop operation. It's a disservice to self-storage owners to think of themselves this way. Owning self-storage is not a magical wealth-creating machine. Occasionally, there are negative years, and you have to put in the effort and capital spending to move your investment farther. Contact us today, so we can help you put in that effort.