Broken Window Theory - Keeping your self storage safe

Crime prevention and security measures are a hot topic in the self storage industry.

Thanks to popular self storage TV shows,  everyone believes that every single storage unit holds outrageous treasures like first edition comic books or gold bars.

That is also the perception of people who might want to break into your facility. It is up to you to make sure your security is up to par. Customers choose their self storage unit based on security, location, and staff. Keeping your property safe and secure is crucial to running a successful self storage business.

Having had the opportunity to be involved in law enforcement before self storage, Rick Beal will share some thoughts and theories with you.

When he was a teenager growing up in a small town, there was an abandoned high school. Since there wasn’t much to do on the weekends, Rick and his friends would sneak in late at night to wreak the usual teenage havoc. This high school had been empty for years and had...

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