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Self Storage Auditing


What We Do
Self Storage Auditing

Why Have Atomic Storage Group Audit Your Self Storage Facility?

Atomic Storage Group has partnered with Self Storage CPA to perform the most in-depth comprehensive self storage audits available in the industry!  Audits not only cover the basic lease, petty cash, facility and operations audits but goes beyond the surface to dig into reports, systems, processes and financials. We merge operational expertise with financials savvy to give self storage owners piece of mind knowing everything is reviewed with a fine tooth comb. 

Who Needs an Atomic Storage Group Audit

Every storage business should have an external audit performed at least once a year. Dealing with the day to day operations of the business blinds owners to ways to improve their business, make more money and ensure all their processes are following. 

You need a self storage audit if: 

  • You, the owner, have never performed an audit, yourself
  • You always lets the manager do an audit
  • Your business has never had an audit
  • You want to provide the manager with resources and support
  • You want confidence that your multi-million dollar business is being run as optimally as possible
Yes! I'm ready for an audit.

What To Expect 

Atomic Storage Group goes beyond the basics in auditing and digs deep into your processes, procedures and systems to ensure you are maximizing your storage investment. 

We begin with a physical inspection to view your property how your customers see it, with fresh eyes. We give feedback on first impressions, calling the facility, visiting the website, and moving in- to show you how your facility and staff are represented.

We will review first impressions, signage, curb appear, appearance of the staff and more! 

Next steps are to perform a thorough check of your storage units ensure that all vacant units are empty, all rented units are locked and all auction units are overlocked, sealed and documented. 

Physical audits include an inventory count, lease audit, petty cash count, paperwork review, unit inspection, and more. 

Atomic Storage Group then begins an operations audit to ensure all of the processes, procedures and best practices are followed in your self storage business. When Atomic Storage Group performs an operational audit, we begin by uncovering the processes and procedures of the company then auditing to determine if they are followed. 

We interview owners and managers to determine how they conduct rentals, payments, past due, vacates, credits, discount plans, walk throughs, auctions, delinquencies, customer complaints, and more. We also trace deposits from the bank and review any additional financial documents requested.

Atomic Storage Group pulls from years of experience as operators and owners to help assess the operations of the property and implement best practices to help your property perform at the highest level possible. 

Every audit include a full written report of findings, recommendations and best practices. Atomic Storage Group spends time to teach you and your team what to audit and how to audit so you have the skills needed to review your operational results. 

Ready for an Atomic Storage Group Audit? 



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